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K8sGPT Serve mode


  1. Have grpcurl installed

Run k8sgpt serve mode

$ k8sgpt serve
{"level":"info","ts":1684309627.113916,"caller":"server/server.go:83","msg":"binding metrics to 8081"}
{"level":"info","ts":1684309627.114198,"caller":"server/server.go:68","msg":"binding api to 8080"}

This command starts two servers:

  1. The health server runs on port 8081 by default and serves metrics and health endpoints.
  2. The API server runs on port 8080 (gRPC) by default and serves the analysis handler.

For more details about the gRPC implementation, refer to this link.

Analyze your cluster with grpcurl

Make sure you are connected to a Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl get nodes

Next, run the following command:

grpcurl -plaintext localhost:8080 schema.v1.ServerService/Analyze

This command provides a list of issues in your Kubernetes cluster. If there are no issues identified, you should receive a status of OK.

Analyze with parameters

You can specify parameters using the following command:

grpcurl -plaintext -d '{"explain": false, "filters": ["Ingress"], "namespace": "k8sgpt"}' localhost:8080 schema.v1.ServerService/Analyze

In this example, the analyzer will only consider the k8sgpt namespace without AI explanation and only focus on the Ingress filter.