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Integrations in k8sGPT allows you to manage and configure various integrations with external tools and services within your repository's codebase.

These integrations enhance the functionality of k8sGPT by providing additional capabilities for scanning, diagnosing, and triaging issues in the Kubernetes clusters.


The integration command in the k8sgpt enables seamless integration with external tools and services. It allows you to activate, configure, and manage integrations that complement the functionalities of k8sgpt.

Integrations are designed to interact with external systems and tools that complement the functionalities of k8sgpt. These integrations include vulnerability scanners, monitoring services, incident management platforms, and more.

By using the following command users can access all K8sGPT CLI options related to integrations:

k8sgpt integrations --help

By leveraging the integration feature in the K8sGPT CLI, users can extend the functionality of K8sGPT by incorporating various external tools and services. This collaboration enhances the ability to diagnose and triage issues in Kubernetes clusters more effectively.

For more information about each integration and its specific configuration options, refer to the reference documentation provided for the integration.